So way back in the beginning I developed a simple web file manager for our company that allowed us to upload files to a Linux server and share them w/ noncorporate users. Things worked great but I’ve been left maintaining the server even though I’m now playing Network Engineer.

  Well, as time has progressed, the requirement to upload ever bigger files has ballooned and it orginally was built for files around 500MB. So I did a quick php -i | grep php.ini to find where my php.ini file was and started editing the config. I quickly found upload_max_filesize and increased it to over a 1GB for file uploads. Next I found post_max_size and increased that to the same size. Quick restart of the apache server and I was off testing. Started to do some large file uploads and I started getting some errors. I placed some debug code in my php subroutine and low and behold, I was getting an error = 2. This particular error meant I hadn’t increased the HTML form attribute MAX_FILE_SIZE to 1GB either. Once I had all three attributes set to a higher setting I was GTG.

Couple quick links:

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